NCS About Wednesday 17 September 2014
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Welcome to NCS Surfboards

Surf breakHere at NCS we firmly believe that to get the most enjoyment from your time spent surfing you need to be on the equipment most suited to you. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to start off on the right surfboard in order to embark on the steepest learning curve possible. Starting on inappropriate equipment will only serve to hold an individual back and could even put someone off surfing forever.

We believe that for a combination of safety and surfability you should look no further than an NCS softboard for your first forays into surfing. Not only do they provide a buoyant and stable board on which to start off on, they also go a long way to reducing the risk of injury during those tentative early days due to their soft construction. Soft surfboards not only provide the user with an increased level of safety but they offer protection to all other water users.

In short, if you want to learn to surf then you need look no further than an NCS Softboard to provide the best, safest and most cost effective route.

Our current softboard range featuring full outlines and ample volume has proved extremely successful and giving the boards excellent bouyancy and stability for those learning to surf.

Our range of softboards provides something suitable for absolute beginners through to improvers and intermediates and can be used by the whole family.

Firmly established now as one of the top softboard suppliers, we have built a reputation for supplying quality learner boards at exceptional value combined with outstanding customer service.

A large proportion of our business is now as a result of recommendations by word of mouth which is great indication of customer satisfaction. We value the opinions of our customers and as a result of feedback from them all shapes have been made fuller and wider to make the boards more learner friendly. The boards have also been given new, more durable low profile fins, together with flexible bolts in order to reduce the amount of breakages and reduce any costly surfboard "downtime" as a result.

These changes are a direct result of customer feedback, something which we consider to be very important. This is an ongoing process and one which we feel is extremely important in ensuring that we provide our customers with the product they want and need.





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