Development Friday 29 August 2014
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NCS Surfboards Product Development

Learning to surf

As part of our development program we make sure that we know how the softboards surf ourselves. It wouldn't be right for us to be marketing a product without having first-hand experience of them in action. It is also very important for us to know that our soft surfboards are as good as we say they are! After all, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with our products and after sales service and to keep coming back and back......

Since we started in 2004 our boards have gone through many changes in both design and materials. These changes have largely been based on customer feedback which results in our products being what the customers want and not what we think they want.

In 2011, to compliment our standard PE core range we introduced a new range of EPS/Epoxy core boards which are a step up from our PE core range. They offer exceptional functionality for learners because of their ample width and volume, giving exceptional stability and bouyancy. In addition to this they surf incredibly well and make excellent intermediate's boards. I've even taken to surfing a 9' myself when it's small and clean and it's great fun. The new range comes is available in many lengths including the following; 5'6" fish, 6', 7', 7'6", 8', 8'6", 9', 10' SUP, 10'6" SUP, 11' SUP, 12' SUP and 10'6" Surf Rescue Board. From 2012 all boards (apart from the rescue board) have a recessed carry handle fixed into the deck of the board. Not only does this make it more comfortable for you and your students to carry boards up and down the beach it also protects the boards as it will mean that people no longer have to drag them.

If you are an existing customer and have any feedback, comments or suggestions to make then please do so by sending us an e-mail. Your comments will be taken seriously and could result in design changes being implemented.

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