Softboards Wednesday 3 September 2014
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Soft Surfboards

NCS Surfboards now offer two different types of softboard. Our standard range has proved popular since 2004 and still represents great value for money.

The construction of our standard PE core softboard range is as follows:

  • High density closed cell polyethylene core. This will not absorb water should the outer skin be punctured.
  • XPE (Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam Sheet) soft wrap over the deck.
  • PVC based white slick bottom giving improved speed through the water.
  • Soft EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) rails which will protect both the user from injury and the board from damage.
  • Twin/triple/quad maple stringers, depending on board length.
  • Fully moulded plastic leash attachment
  • 3 flexible yet durable, low profile fins designed to minimise the risk of injury and still be functional. Flexible fin bolts reduce the risk of breakages when boards are run up the beach (which they will be!).
  • Boards available 6', 7', 8', 9' & 10 lengths, plus 11' SUP
  • Deck colours available are dark blue, yellow or red
  • Rail colours available are light blue.

The construction of our EPS/Epoxy Softboards is as follows:

  • EPS Foam Core with twin laminated stringers
  • 6ox epoxy fibreglass coating of the EPS core
  • PE Foam wrap over epoxy fibreglass
  • iXPE deck available in number of colours
  • White HDPE slick bottom
  • EVA nose and tail block
  • Optional 4mm EVA rail wrap to give greater durability.
  • Recessed carry handle in the deck on all boards over 8'. This will also be included on the shorter boards from 2012
  • Soft, flexible yet functional fins
  • Huge model range including 5'6" fish, 6', 7', 7'6", 8'0, 8'6", 9', 10' SUP, 10'6" SUP, 11' SUP, 12' SUP and 10'6" Surf Rescue Board. Other models available on request.
  • Customer logo printing available.



We believe that we offer the perfect package for surf schools and surf hire centres for the following reasons:


Cut out the middle man and buy direct from us at trade prices


• Ready to surf out of the box
• No wax required (boards maybe be waxed if you wish)
• Leash attachment
• Leashes available on request
• NCS Softboards are suitable for learners and intermediates alike
• Only need to consider one product/supplier to cover all requirements.
• NCS Softboards available in a range of lengths to suit both children and adults
• Surfing GB specifications met for learner and intermediate use.
• Irish Surfing Association approved for learner and intermediate use.


Our softboards offer great value for money, probably the best value softboards on offer today. They are great for both complete beginners as well as intermediates and have proved themselves to be extremely durable in surf school and hire centre environments


If you are a surf school, surf hire centre or surf shop and would like a trade quote please contact us at Please supply us with full details of your company in order verify your status.

For individuals wishing to purchase softboards please visit our online shop

EPS/Epoxy Core Models
A selection of our new range of boards. Further images to come soon.
6' Standard Model
6' x 20" x 3" - A great little board for the kids as well as for intermediates and improvers. Nice and manoeuvrable whilst retaining stability and buoyancy
6 foot model
7' Standard Model
7' x 21 ½" x 3 ¼" - A perfect learner board for children and ideal as an intermediate and improvers board
7 foot model
8' Standard Model
8' x 22 ½" x 3 ½" - The standard board length for most surf schools and the best all rounder. Suitable for children and adults. Its extra width gives good stability and buoyancy together with great paddling speed

8 foot model
9' Standard Model
9' x 23 ¾" x 3 ¾" - A very wide board with lots of volume, giving excellent stability and buoyancy for those larger adults who are new to the sport
9 foot model

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